How to get an “IT” job!!!

7 04 2008

Are you a engineer? Are you looking for a job in one of those big IT companies? Then this is a how-to for you.

1. Read the notice about companies coming for placement. Life goes on normally. Date closes in…closes in…

2. A day remaining. Convince yourself about how much you hate the company. Go through the earlier aptitude papers…(Don’t you dare to forget bubble sort!!! Are not you a ME student? ).

3. Go to the PPT. (Pre-placement talk…they say so.) Get bored…start complaining about the pay package.

4. Time for aptitude test. Get strictest instruction “Do not use any unfair means”. Get the question paper…WOW…its the same paper you saw at morning!!! WOW!!! Quite a few answers are marked !!!! (Why should a company spend on new paper every time?…These papers must have at least 5 year life cycle).

5. At this point of time listen to a warning “Do not leave your fate to others!!! If the answers are marked…do not use them”. (Dude, we never look at each other’s paper. Leave alone copying.)

6. Write the answers. Its a collaborative effort. (Mark…mark…mark the answers on the question paper…some day your son/daughter may also sit for this company. Who can tell the future?)

7. Aptitude test completed. Tell your friends that you need some sleep and you are going home. You watched one and a half movie, had a short (two hours) nap…your friend call and tell you to show up for interview. (How could they bring out the results so fast? Damn…the movie was so interesting!!!)

8. Dress well…head for the interview room.

9. Interview room.

Good afternoon, sir.

  • “So, tell me about yourself”

Bla bla bla bla…

  • “WOW, that was nice. you are a masters in computer science?”

yes sir.

  • “Swap two variables without using temp.”

bla bla bla bla…

  • “Nice”.Can you tell me the difference between Windows and linux?” (Feel like banging your head on the table? Dude, they are only testing your “Basics”…)

bla bla bla bla

  • “Thank you, nice to meet you…hope for the best.”

10. Next day. Go out to watch a movie. Your friend calls. You got selected. (Damn…the movie was so interesting!!! Must they disturb every time I watch a movie?)




2 responses

13 04 2008

There are a number of parameters that judge how to judge a howto, specificity being the one with utmost importance. What’s stopping you from naming …” one of those big IT companies”? This ambiguity can be detrimental for some one taking things too seriously … Anyway, on a serious note, please tell me why should there be any difference in the procedure they are following? They don’t come to the campus in search of any Einstein, for chrissake… they want cheap labor who are happy to insult their intellect for less than 500 dollars a month!

13 04 2008

Brother, I went for two companies here, and the two at our previous college. ALL follow the same procedure. Wipro’s paper was blindly repeated, so was Caritor’s , TCS’s, CTS’s. So, I should have really written “In any one of those big IT companies”.

And for the next part, You are right. Its a lose-lose situation…..Even after a long thought, I am unable to find any answer your question.

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