WBUT has joined NTP cluster.

4 05 2008

What gives you a euphoric feeling?

For me, it’s a sleepless night, a graph (synchronized every half an hour) slowly moving towards the cut in line, combined with, well, a book of cryptography and coding ;).

Yesterday, I (or we at WBUT) configured and included ourselves in the NTP cluster. The machine which hosts this server is orca.wbut.ac.in. From now onwards, most of the time sync requests from India is going to be redirected towards us and we are happy to have them.

As always, we are the first and sole participant from India in the cluster. I am extremely hopeful that we will soon get a few more servers across India.

Anyway, we are currently operating as stratum 2 server. But soon we may be getting hold of a card like this and upgrade ourself to a stratum 1 server.

Before closing, two screenshots.

1. Our score (cut off is 5)

Our score

2. And our sync

Our offset

PS: As this cluster is extremely sensitive, it takes 4-5 hours to re sync once a server is out of sync or rebooted.




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