Developing embedded system, a brand new experience – Preamble

22 08 2008

I never tried my hand on embedded systems, until I finished my one year coursework.

Generally, in India, you have to do a one year coursework followed by a one year development work to get your Masters degree.

So one day, probably early June, I was called upon by my guide.

I was told that if I was interested, he would like to assign me with the development work of a novel type of router. WOW!!! That is fun, I thought.

It turned out that its more than that. I was told that I was in a one member team. The work was new, no reference is available, and though I am entitled to help, I have to learn up mostly by myself and also teach my guide.

Now, this IS fun.

So time to download datasheet, blowing up a few PIC16F877, heating up your iron and making a JDM programmer, learn up embedded C programming and sdcc.

In the subsequent blogs, I shall write whatever I could learn and am learning in the process, not only to share but also with an ulterior motivation of keeping a draft documentation. 🙂




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22 08 2008
Trond Danielsen

As the current maintainer of SDCC I would like to invite you to become either the primary maintainer of SDCC or a co-maintainer. I am no longer an active user of SDCC, and the Fedora package is suffering from my lack of time devoted to maintaining it.

22 08 2008

WOW!!! Thats nice…Jumping in. 🙂

For the time being as co-maintainer, after a bit familiarisation, may be I shall be able to take it over.

I shall contact you on mail.

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