A Event, Kolkata, India

25 08 2008

We have a linux event, TechTrix’08 here at Kolkata.

Its on 29th Aug, at a local Engineering college.

Its a short event, so the talks are restricted to three.

One is by Sayamindu(OLPC). One by Me(Fedora) and one by Indranil DasGupta(L2C2/ilug-cal).

I am yet to receive the CD/DVD for it, but that is being taken care of and hope to receive before event.

Will update again after the event.




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1 09 2008
Weekend Aantel’s Blog » Blog Archive » An “interesting” Friday

[…] The friday dawned cloudy with promises of rain and the TMC brigands…. er brigades, promising to bring the city traffic to a stand-still between 4 – 5 PM. Around 10:35 AM, Susmit and Sayamindu landed up near my house and together we headed down to RCCIIT – a local govt. run engineering college with a whole bundle of equipment – 3 laptops, 1 OLPC XO, 1 AMD UMPC, 1 Intel ClassmatePC, other assorted hardware and freebie goodies like stickers and badges from Gnome and Firefox. The occasion was TechTrix ‘08 – the college’s annual Tech Fest which Susmit wrote about here. […]

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