Today I have a talk on Fedora.

29 08 2008

Today, a couple of hours later(~11 IST), I have a talk at a local engineering college.

Sadly, I am not being able to motivate myself enough to attend it the right way.

First reason is I had a bad sleep.

Second reason is, non availability of resources from part of Fedora Project.

I always hear about abundance of media (CD/DVD). In my case, though I requested it a couple of months back, it failed to turn up.

Well, I do understand that it may be due to some unavoidable reason, may be delay on the manufacturer’s part or may be something else, but… a promise is always a promise and all I know is I could not keep my promise to the event organisers.

I am not at all easy with that.




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29 08 2008

Please, no offence – but I couln’t help doing this!

29 08 2008

That is very sad. I hope we do not end up the same way. We have an install festa few days later and i need some goodies too.

29 08 2008
Rahul Sundaram

Tathagata, If you can’t help being silly, you might just refrain from commenting.

Susmit, I have send a mail to you.

29 08 2008

I have done presentations at universities, companies, user groups, and other settings, but never had a need for any “goodies”.

Easy access to some nice presentation material is helpful, but DVDs do not make much difference in my experience. I guess it might be different in countries where people have less access to cheap and fast Internet connections.

Wiki pages with info and howtos for successful Fedora presentations would be helpful.

29 08 2008

I understand that the buck stops with me. I’ll make it a point to ensure media availability bits are handled better and more efficiently. I am sorry for the fact that you don’t feel your best when you are up to represent and be the face of Fedora. We won’t let this repeat itself.

29 08 2008

@debayan: Have you found out the cost of producing media locally ?

29 08 2008
Subhodip Biswas

+1 to Sankarshan
@ debayan .. if you need help just ping me .

@susmit .. Sad enough but eventually local amabassadors will figure the other way out .

29 08 2008

@Martin, they have just started a LUG, and I get regular requests from them for media.
Here in India bandwidth is not cheap, neither have many people have access to fair amount of it.
So for me media is more of a necessity than luxury.
Though for the time being I have supplied them with a few media and asked them to get it copied.

@tathagata, they ship only one per request…so that is of no use šŸ™‚

@rahul, replied you.

1 09 2008

@all – I’m REALLY SORRY for the comment above. Didn’t realize you would take it seriously.

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