Installing TRAC

13 09 2008

I am trying a few Request Tracker for Fedora Freemedia. I just Installed TRAC. So here is a rapid documentation.

  1. yum -y install subversion mod_python mod_dav_svn trac sqlite
  2. mkdir /var/www/trac
  3. trac-admin /var/www/trac/project initenv
    • Project name: Freemedia
    • Database connection string: default (Only press return)
    • Repository Type:blank (we are not using version control)
    • Path to repository: blank (–do–)
    • Templates directory:/usr/share/trac/templates
  4. The output will be like this
  5. “Project environment for ‘freemedia’ created.

  6. Start Trac  “tracd –port 8000 /var/www/trac”
  7. Browse TRAC at http://localhost:8000/trac
  8. Configure more at /var/www/trac/conf/trac.ini



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13 09 2008

you could try adding more fun bits from here:


17 09 2008
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