AXIS’08 Report: Part 1- Preprations

1 10 2008

This is the report for AXIS’08 at VNIT Nagpur, which me, Subhodip and Arindam attended on behalf of Fedora.


It all started with Sankarshan da forwarding a mail from Anand (A student and one of the organisers of AXIS) to fedora-india list. Nobody else was picking this up, and as Nagpur is only 16 hours away from my place, I decided to take it up.

I called up Subhodip and Arindam to help me out and it was positive. Thanks guys.

Several mail was exchanged with the organisers, and initially we were assigned around 2.5 hours single slot in the whole three days !!! So it was time to put a bit pressure on the organisers. Some mail followed and we were allocated 2 slots. One 1.5 hour for talk and another 2 hour for workshop following day. That was better…so I agreed to that. (Finally We got around 8 hours. I am coming to that later.)

It was three days before we leave. No Fedora material was with me, so I decided to produce that myself.It was pretty odd to go there empty handed.

Indra da suggested that there was a local business who does the printing job. So it was checkout time.

Next day I went to chandni chawk, found them out, and to my pleasant surprise, each A3 sheet of coloured print costed me on ~20INR (around 45 cents). You can have a look here.

I also procured 35 DVDs and printed the label for them, the labels were 3.5 INR (~7cents) each. (But the printing quality was dam good, they were not cheap like the rates). So each “pressed” dvd cost me ~10 INR.

So now I had 450 laptop stickers, (3 A3 size and 7 small) Freedom + Infinity + Voice poster, 1 Live USB Poster A3 size, 35 DVDs (26 x86, 8 x86_64), and spare DVD labels. All was managed within 600 INR, (13USD)

That two days were pretty hectic, I had to make four trips to chandni, pack things, do my assignments, had discussions with guide and attending phone calls. Anyway, lastly everything were all done and we were off to Nagpur.




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1 10 2008
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6 10 2008
gaurav taywade

i am from amravati,but currently i am in pune. some of my friends from amravati wish to participate in this event,so plz tell me how they can participate in this event.and if you want any help for this plz let me know i will surely try to help you as a ambassador.

13 10 2008

It is over for this year.
Mail me, I shall introduce you to the organisers.

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