AXIS’08 Report: Part 2- Event

3 10 2008

My appologies for not doing this earlier. I was way to occupied with the current workshop.

Our first talk was on 26th afternoon. Our hosts was most accommodating and they took us to a room with overhead projector and a sitting capacity of ~100. It was an hour before talk and the room was empty, so we started off with our setups. A few glitches with the power sources and they were soon sorted out.

So were all set to go and the crowd started coming in. Soon there was around 70 people for the talk. I started off with my stock presentation of what linux and Fedora is and how and why they should contribute. There was nice response as people were asking all sort of questions and after the event people came to me and told me that they were from NIT Raipur and was interested in conducting similar talks there.

Subhodip, in the mean time attended a local newspaper and answered the quaries like “What good will FOSS do for us?”, “What basically is it?” …

The next turn was Subhodip’s who tried to break the myths which are generally heard about Linux an Fedora. It was  a nice talk and I guess 80% of what he spoke was answers of questions.

In the process, me and Subhodip took away around one and a quarter hour, so Arindam took his talk to a nearly workshop mode and helped people create their own Live USB on the spot.

Our event was officially closed by 6:45 but we had to attend people and their quaries for another one and a half hour :).

Next day we had the workshop, so we borrowed one of the organiser’s gaming laptop and at our guest house turned it into a mirror.

Next day we left around 2 for the venue though we had the event at 4 as we wanted to set things up.

It wasnot till 5 we could start. There were a few miscommunications among the organisers and we had to shift a few times before we cound end up with the initial lab :).

The crowd was less than we expected, around 30 and mostly from first and second year. We went on with our procedures, showed them the installations and initinial familiarisations. We were finished by 8. Then there came the most surprising thing from the attendees themselves. They asked us to conduct the workshops again on next morning. They said “Sir, we are interested to know more about this thing and can you please hold another session tomorrow?”. We redirected them to the organisers. They presssed the organisers and the organisers were similarly interested in doing another session. So we got another slot next morning. The organisers said “Sir, we have a slot from 9:30 in the morning and you can do it upto 1”.

So there was another 3.5 hour slot for us. We had to cancel our travel plans which we gladly did.

Next day we were there at sharp 10, and the little lab seemed overcrowded. It was around 60 people for the installtion!!!

We had to allocate three people to a PC. The instaation was done as usual, what was unususal was the quaries, “How do I write the codes here?” “How do I browse the sources ?” So we had to show them CVS and git, and fedorahosted to gice them an idea to how the code is actually browsed. A few of them interested in JAVA programming and Subhodip showed them how to write and compile the codes everything.

There was A LOT of interesting questions, so we requested them to form a lug. Soon the names and email IDs was collected . We requested that we are also included and provided our email ID. Arindam called them up this morning and the LUG is formed, we are going to get the links by tomorrow.

The workshop lasted upto two at afternoon, and we had to leave as we had train at 6.

Oh, we distributed the stickers to the participants, and let the organisers to take care of the DVDs.

We are following up the LUG and the event and I am sure we will get a few participants in Fedora from there in very near future.

That was it. We had to wait 6 hours for the train as it was late.

I came back and next day attending another  three days workshop. In fact I am blogging from the venue.

I hope you understand my reason for being late. Being late is not something I like and don’t do deleberately.




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3 10 2008
3 10 2008

more pics on the way

6 10 2008

Fantastic event, thanks so much for the report. Very exciting — from zero to LUG in 24 hours.

18 10 2008
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