All in one post.

8 12 2008

Seriously lacking all in one. 🙂


Went to 27-29th Nov.

Reached there traumatised by the Mumbai incident. Well, you feel like that when you wake up to know someone very near to you is saved by a hair’s breadth.

Anyway, the event was great. It was my first time, but still I felt attendance was a bit low, I expected some more people. I attended the KDE talks and a few more. They were great.  When I was not attending the talks, I was busy at the KDE (Fedora) booth doing some scripting and discussing a few things with others. On the second day, I forgot my tag home, so had to went back again. Made a number of new friends, will try to participate in a better way next year.

2. Media for Ambassadors: Got the 32 bit from at, somehow it got corrupted when I came back, may be the EMP of the X-ray machine at the airport. (Another BOFH excuse.) So started downloading. Kget crashed thrice, resuting 12G of trashed download.

Scheduled downloads at WBSUB, barasat.

Spent quite a few hours in travelling and burning DVDs, labeling them, shipping them. Almost died  of exhaustion. Done on 5th.

3. Voted for FamsCo.

4. Read up 9 research papers in 5 days. Sigh.




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