Back from GNUify’09, Pune.

17 02 2009

I am back from GNUnify ’09 and that is already blogged by Sankarshan da.

I reached there on 13th Morning from Mumbai, the organisers were very nicely organised and texted periodically, so travelling was fun.
The only reason I took the train from Mumbai is to visit the “ghat” sections.
It was actually better than what I expected. I was glad to visit those much read about “Bhor Ghat“, “Thal Ghat” , “Monkey hill“.

Anyway the train was bang on time and I reached there by 09:08. It took a few minutes from the station to the venue.

I was having my breakfast, as the “gang” comes in. Sankarshan da, Runa di, Rakesh. Instantly I was made a proud owner of a nice Fedora jacket.

Then we proceed to the speakers room, first the wifi didn’t work, then we found out the proper settings and it started working. Life was good again. πŸ™‚

Runa di insisted that we should make the DVDs ready for distribution, so we did that. I was so happy to see the DVDs. They are so nicely printed.

Then we had some discussions about Fedora India and discussed a few things and the roadmap for the next year.

It was 2:30 and it was time for FAD. It was kicked off by Rahul on his talk “User to Contributor in 15 Minutes”. He took 17.5 Minutes though. I have the recording of his talk. πŸ˜‰

Then Rakesh came up, it was a nice and most informed talk on packaging. He explained packaging so easily that audiences (including me) felt they could join in right away. But that didn’t prevent us from pulling his leg for the next two days. It became famous “unhide” talk.

In the meantime Ramki was tensed. He could not prepare any slide till then.
He did it right away and started talking about “Life is hard, economy is doomed” so to survive one need “Pink chaddi campaign”. It was good fun.
More on a serious note, he talked about basic survival skills like Version Control, Programming language and others. It was a nice talk.

Then I started with my talk. It was well accepted as I have been asked a few questions, and a few people came up after the talk and said they were looking for something like this. My greatest surprise was when My room mate Shakti told me in the evening that he too felt a need for something similar. Rahul made a few good suggestions which will help me.

Next day, the FAD was rather short, ~2 hours. It was Rahul’s spin workshop and a few other talks. We discussed a few things regarding community and that was it.

In the evening, I had a nice bike ride with Ramki to Sankarshan da’s place where we had a pizza party and chatting away idly.

It was a good meet and the discussions and works will help us a lot in the coming months.

I am uploading the Photos, till then please have a look here.

PS: Uploaded photos are now here.




3 responses

17 02 2009

Can i have Rahuls talk? I could use it in the Open Week..

17 02 2009

you never mentioned what you talked on πŸ™‚ Or did my eyes miss something.

17 02 2009

Actually, I never did!!!
My talk was on mirror-in-a-box for fixing availability issues in Low Bandwidth areas. πŸ™‚

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