HP 1020 and Fedora 10

6 03 2009

Just for my reference…

[root@localhost foo2zjs]# history | tail -n 10
201 wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/foo2zjs.tar.gz
202 tar -xzvf foo2zjs.tar.gz
203 cd foo2zjs
204 uninstall
205 make uninstall
206 make
207 ./getweb 1020
208 ./getweb 1020
209 make install install-hotplug cups




5 responses

7 03 2009

on my system (fedora10) enough: sudo hp-setup

7 03 2009

@axet somehow didn’t work for me 🙂

7 03 2009
Kevin Kofler

FYI, foo2zjs (the whole suite, also including the other foo2* drivers) is packaged in RPM Fusion, no need to build it from source. (I know the upstream author claims all packages are broken, but that sounds very much like a baseless claim to me. I’d recommend trying the properly-packaged drivers first.)

7 03 2009

@ Kevin Kofler I also did a yum -y install foo2zjs,
and yes, the author claimed rightly, it is broken. 😉

8 03 2009
Kevin Kofler

It’s broken how? Missing the firmware? (If so, the getweb script probably needs to be installed and instructions to install the firmware given, unless it’s redistributable somehow.) Please file a bug at RPM Fusion…

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