What is the definition of robustness?

11 03 2009

From among all that is surrounding me, it’s the trams plying along kolkata.

A few days earlier, I decided that I would take a _long_ tram ride. Well, that was not my first time, but those previous rides are not related to this post.

So, I took the Number 16 tram from Ultadanga to BBD Bag. It costed me 4 Rupees (~8 cents) for a 8 km journey. 🙂

Suddenly, something caught my notice, it was a small metal plate above the driver’s cabin. It read the year of manufacturing as “1903” !!!!

So, it was one from the first fleet of electric tram cars incorporated in Kolkata back in 1903, probably little modified and very well maintained.

But maintenance done not undermine the fact that the car is running continuously for last 106 years!!!

And what you need to add to this is kolkata’s weather is hot, humid, dusty and until a couple of years ago, the tracks were in real bad condition.

For the rest of my journey, what I was thinking about is, as an engineer, to what level one has to raise himself to achieve this much of excellence.




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12 03 2009

I used to love the tram rides from behala to ballygunge and esplanade. Unfortunately, after they built the new flyover at taratala they have discontinued the service. The trams just run between Behala and Joka (~7-8 kilometers prolly). It hurts me everytime i go back home and see the discarded tracks near the Police Station. The police piles up the impounded vehicles there these days.

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