Generating Fedora Documentation using Publican.

18 04 2009

Yesterday, I got a mail from Dipanjan, an ambassador from my place, saying:
“Is F10 documentation/ user guide available in a single document/pdf? An official at our college was asking for it and he doesn’t have net connection at his home.”

Now, to be honest, I was never interested in documentation untill only a couple of years back, when I used to maintain the fedora mirror at WBUT and the hard disk was to be replaced. Also, I have always heard about and seen a lot of publican documentation, but for one reason or other, I never gave it a serious look. (My bad!!!)

Anyway, coming back to Dipanjan’s query, I started looking for the pdf copy of the release notes, which I couldn’t find. Eventually, I found it less time-consuming to pull the doc from doc git and build it myself.

#checkout the doc git
$ git clone

#just to backup, omit this if necessary
$ cp -r release-notes f11 ; cd f11

#make sure you have at least these
$ ls
en-US Makefile po pot

#give it a test run for possible errors
$ make test-en-US

# make the final doc, you can specify type of generated doc using pdf-en-US or html-en-US or like that.

$ make pdf-en-US

# Now you should have a tmp directory:

$ ls
en-US Makefile po pot tmp

# view: 🙂
$ evince tmp/en-US/pdf/Release_Notes.pdf

Here is the screenshot, the full doc can be found here on my fedorapeople account.

More on publican is here. A big thank to Jeff Fearn for pointing this out a few weeks back.

Also a good tutorial on git to get started is here.




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