Announcing Fedora Medical SIG.

29 10 2009

I have just sent this to fedora-announcement-list.

It dates back to a lazy afternoon of July, when I had my occasional “spark of enthusiasm” for doing something. So I started a conversation in Fedora India mailing list. It was decided that such a thing would be helpful.

More seriously, we do lack packaged applications and dedicated spins in the area of healthcare. If someone wants to put in a FOSS based solution into a hospital/clinic workflow, there is no elegant solution. So if we can have a medical spin, that is going to be of help.

The initial wiki page is here.

Simply put, the goal of the SIG is going to be:

1. Working on identifying the various workflows / needs of the medical or healthcare community in terms of software.
2. Bring together and package the software those fitting in the workflow.
3. Composing a spin to get a out-of-the-box solution.
4. At a later stage, developing any crucial app that may be lacking.

To make it a success, we need volunteers. So please join, if you feel that it is a worthy cause. Once a few more people are there, we can discuss and take it forward.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂




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29 10 2009
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29 10 2009

this looks like interesting open source work. but i am not sure if you can trust it without having someone to take responsibility for using it in emergency services..

30 10 2009
Daniel Devine

I think this is a great idea. Thankfully a lot of the eHealth systems that are currently being developed (such as the one that is being developed in the office that I am sitting in now) are mostly web based, so making a spin geared towards medial applications should appeal to a wide audience and should not be too hard to accomplish.

For sure it would be good to have some things such as support for X-Ray image formats installed by default.

People would be surprised at the amount of medical applications there are for Open Source – for a glimpse at some.

Most industry standards are published openly so it is not too hard to write software for these applications.

2 11 2009
Manish Shah

Thanx for the post.
Very informative post on fedora, open source.
it may help a lot.
thanx again

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