FAmSCo…Will I or Won’t I?

12 11 2009

Time for another election. The last year was tremendously enjoyable, a number of improvements and a few unpleasant but necessary changes.

But before running for another election, I would like to know if I could live up to the expectations and deliver. Well, I did as much as I could, but was that sufficient and beneficial to you? Time for feedback. 😉

But running or not, my sincere thanks to all the ambassadors for their supports that I enjoyed and to my FAmSCo colleagues. It is a privilege to be a part of such an wonderful team. 🙂




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12 11 2009
Joerg (kital) Simon

Hey – Susmit, you definitely should run again! The Ambassador Group needs you – you will give a great liason to other more technical groups – which is a important requirement for famsco to improve!

12 11 2009

Go for it!

12 11 2009

Doh ! And, I thought that we had this one all sewn up with you agreeing to nominate yourself as a candidate. There are multiple reasons which make it a valid decision and, I have enumerated them couple of times already.

12 11 2009

I feel the same way as Joerg. You’re a great ambassador, and you have some strong technical skills, which is definitely lacking in the ambassdors project.

Other FAmSCo members or ambassadors would have discussed on how to improve the FreeMedia program, or how to improve the ugly and inefficient ambassadors list on the wiki. But you didn’t discuss it, you *did* it.

To me, you’re one of the most important person in FAmSCo (yeah, which is kinda only constituted of important persons :D)

I can’t remember if I had voted for you last time, but I know I should have 🙂

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