Day 1.99 and Day 2.

3 12 2009

Day 1.99: It was 1st dec, 5:30 PM at Kolkata. I receive a call from Sayamindu that we have a booth at and they have no swag with them. Call up, fix budget, get designs, rush to shop and get things done. All in three hours!!! We now have some really nice swags, release notes, stickers. Visit the fedora booth if you want to have some. 🙂

Day 2 : I was dead tired yesterday and could not write a post ( by “Jetlag” for flying in a aircraft whose monitoring system was indicating the front door was not shut properly and by waiting 15 minutes to cross a two lane road!!!).

Reaching there, I found Prodeepto da from KDE waving at me and I was at home at once. Lunch was set and I went to have it. I met Kital there. I recognise him at once and its a pleasure to meet him. He has also gifted me a fedora cap (thanks Kital!!). Now I spotted Kushal wearing a LED on his speaker badge and announcing his presence. There was Rahul, Shreyank, Subhdeep, Mak, Dimitris and other people around. We had our lunch and set off to the auditorium once again. The first talk I attended was Kedar’s Fedora-ARM and it was a informative talk about ARM. Then Kushal went with Python-Newt. He demonstrated how easy it was to build a *-tui thing. That was pretty impressive. I recorded both, but the acoustic of the room/my choice of place was not that good and I ended up having bad recording. I shall try to look at them again.

These was followed by Rahul’s talk on Fedora Remixes and he had received a lot of questions. Then there was introduction to the workouts which we will continue for rest of the days. These was “Dorrie” by Shreyank, which is a nice web interface for building up custom spins and my continued work on distribution app. Let me hope I can get it done by the end of this conference.

I was in for another surprise. I met Mak (Mahayalam Khan,from fedora-Bangladesh and ankur-bangla). It was very nice to meet him too. It feels good when

Finally, /me, Rahul and Kushal sat down with Kital and brainstormed about how to make Fedora project better as a community and as a distribution.

Finally, we ended up in “Gufa” or something, where the food was awesome.

That’s all for yesterday. We had a highly constructive day.

Also, the organisers deserves a lot of thanks. They have taken care of everything so very well.




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