Last three days.

6 12 2009

So it has been a couple of days since I last blogged. There were tweets and blogs from the others so I could afford to be lazy.

Day 3.02: This day starts after my blog 3.01. I wrote the blog and went down to have breakfast which was nice one. The only funny thing that happened was Rahul asked me to bring a piece pine-apple for him, and I could not remember what pineapple means. So he had to point to my plate and show me what it was!!! We were off to venue soon and found others to be present there already. Me and Kital started working on membership stuff and it was done in some time. Then I started manning the booth with others and also work on my workout. We worked for sometime, had lunch and went out with Kital to get some gifts for his wife. It was a nice outing and he bought a couple of nice shawls. We went to M.G. Road and had some snacks. Here we parted. I went to meet one of my friends and Kital and Heimansu went to take some snaps. Kushal suggested that we should go to RR which is a nice restaurant and we tried to find it out for twenty minutes, gave up and went to another one I knew only to find that it was RR itself. It was a nice evening and was back to hotel by 10 after asking 15 people. A day of messing up for me.

Day 4: We arrived at the venue as usually and Kushal and Sayamindu got interested in hardware.They bought two boards to play with and Kushal got a speedometer too!!! I was determined to get my workout done by this day (which didn’t happen eventually) so I spent all the time before lunch working on that. After lunch, Kital, Heimansu, Shreyank went to visit some temple. We stayed back and worked on getting the authentication module done. In the meantime, Dimitris got interested Dorrie, and started working with/advising Shreyank. Sayamindu was working on pushing out a new release of e-book reader. Kital gave me a private presentation on Fedora Security Spin for around one hour as I missed it. That is so nice of him. The time shoot past and it was evening. We attended the keynote, enjoyed some “rock” and went to the speakers party. The party was a lot fun, laughter and leg pulling and nice food and not so nice beer (they said, I didn’t drink :)).

Day 5: It was yesterday. Kushal got more interested in hardware, bought some soldering iron and other stuff and tried to make something which didn’t worked out finally (he was almost crying). I got my work almost done. (A bit polish and testing and I am ready to deploy it.) I got a new address for membership administration, talked with kital about improving overall ambassadors experience, polished the first reply draft for discouraging students form doing ambassadors stuff only, brainstormed about integrating fama, fas, and mailman so that only one sign up is required, pinged Rakesh to get mwclient packaged for EPEL. Finally, just before leaving, me, Kital and Dimitris had a chat for improving the ambassadors experience (for both people in and out of the project). Finally, wished others goodbye and Rangeen dropped me to the bus terminus. Thanks Rangeen.

Here comes some anticlimax. In the airport I met a person (whom I won’t name) who, from he word go stared lecturing me how I should think about my life and career. This was the first time we ever talked, I hope it would be the last one too.

It was a highly constructive and entertaining tour for me and fedora. The arrangement was awesome, the food was nice, the people around was talking/working on technology.

Team, thanks a lot for such a nice experience.




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