FAmSCo first meeting and a few important decisions.

10 01 2010

Hello Ambassadors, probably you have gone through the first famsco meeting log. A few important decisions were taken.

1. The FAmSCo list is now open. We have moved to a new list with open archiving policy. You can now take active part in policy making.

2. We have updated the election rules, which drew a lot of discussions recently.

3. Max is working on a monthly report template for FAmSCO members and we shall update the community about how each region is doing. This update will be monthly.

4. I was looking for a TRAC for managing and organising APAC better. Thanks to nb, we have it here. I was thinking if it would be nice to have a APAC mailing list too?

5. We have a few pending items too. If you have something in mind, please add it to the agenda page.

6. Personally, I have received the fedora-distribution trac. Developing the application will be a bit easier.




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