Fedora Distribution Project.

24 01 2010

It has been long time since I last blogged. There is so much to write, but I shall keep it short.

Fedora Distribution Project:

We were discussing about this for a long time. Currently, all the offline Fedora vendors are listed in the wiki and finding a shop near you selling Fedora DVD is not at all a easy task. Neither is maintaining the up to date listing of vendors. The result, crazy amount requests coming towards freemedia. I receive scores of mails saying “I can not afford to buy Fedora Media, so send me a disk”. However, in reality, disks are available in less than a dollar.

I started writing the application for integrating all different types of offline availability in the month of November. However, I had some personal business to attend to and it was delayed. Finally, the prototype is now available. Have a look. The most important things that I need are feedbacks, suggestions and some tesing. If you are interested in helping in any way, please open a ticket or write to me at susmit AT fedoraproject DOT org. Finally, if you find the site nice, thank Tatica and Hiemanshu for their help. I have some more works to do, but those should be easy. The hardest part was fixing the CSS. 🙂




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