GNUnify 2010

28 02 2010

Unlike last year, we did not have any separate fedora room. But that didn’t prevent us to do what we wanted to. May be the audience was less per fedora talk, but the good talks and workshops always attracted good crowd.

GNUnify is also a nice event for me because I get to meet many people working at pune and can discuss our future plan for fedora. It has always been a nice tour for me except the food this time. I now hate lamb, specially at pune. 🙂

Coming to my talk, I presented on fedora-medical sig. The slides are here. My talk was the last one of the event so there was not much of a crowd. But the talk was worth it when two doctors came up to me and said they are trying to shift to foss and was interested in replacements of some particular solutions that they use under win$. I also had some input from fedora people specially Sankarshan, who emphasised on having a goal and a roadmap. Let’s see how that goes.

A few other posts on this is here and here. A few more pictures are here.




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