GSoC mentor summit and FUDCon Pune.

3 11 2011

This has been a long time since my last post. I was being lazy.

This summer, I and Mario decided to work on Fedora Medical, and it was accepted for GSoC. We received quite a few applications, but Ankur was chosen because he was already a package maintainer. The whole thing went reasonable well, we got a number of medical packages in Fedora. That said, I am very disappointed that there is no talk scheduled (even proposed) at FUDCon Pune.

Anyway, Google Mentor summit was last week at Mountain View. It was (according to the organizers) by far the largest summit. A list of sessions is here. Quite a few of them were very interesting. Though I did not propose any talk, Stephen (who also was a mentor for Fedora) did propose a session on code review and
it was well attended. Some of the talks that I attended were very interesting, such as LHC guys describing crowdsourced simulators.

The better part was chocolate. Thanks to the fellow mentors, there was a pile of chocolates. I have never seen or tested so many varieties in my life. The food was also very good. My only regret is that I could not see the computer history museum which was five minutes walk from the venue.

Here is the group photo from mentor summit (thanks to Obey Arthur Liu. a fellow mentor). Looks like I am a victim of Chromatic aberration, I shall remember not to stand at [0,0] 😉

The conference ended on Sunday, and my flight was on Monday evening, so I decided to be an expert in SFO public transit. I took the caltrain, MUNI, F line trolley, Cable car and finally BART. I am not sure of there is any other type of rail transit there. I wandered around the whole day before heading to the airport.

Among other things, one day to go for FUDCon pune. I wished so much to be there, but that was not to happen. The organisers did a fantastic job in setting it up and I am sure it would be one of the finest FUDCons . The schedule looks awesome.




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