[Looking for students] GSoC 2011 and fedora-medical.

19 03 2011

It is official now. Fedora will be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2011.

This summer, I am looking for mentoring one/two students who can help me with fedora-medical. It would be a nice opportunity to work on something really interesting, get paid a handsome amount of monies and build contacts within the community and industry.

If you want to know what fedora-medical is, a somehow short description for the project is on the idea page. If you want more details about fedora-medical and what we are working on, its on the wiki page.

Unlike most other tasks, this is an in-progress task, we are already working on it and that means we know exactly what we are looking for. We will be doing lots of rpm packaging and we will also be creating tools for our workflow. We are a python shop, so python skill will be required.

These are the things I shall be looking for. A few will be redundant, but worth mentioning.

* Very good skill in RPM packaging.
* Reasonable familiarity with fedora packaging guidelines.
* Good skill in python and bash.
* Familiarity with Fedora internals. (Here, I am referring to the OS).
* Familiarity with Version Control Systems (We use git for most of the tasks) .
* Familiarity with comps files, yum and fedora package management.

That sounds very easy, right?

Not really. Turns out that most of the medical software are very hard to package and most of them have recursive dependencies that need to be packaged beforehand. It is not that they are not doable, but they need lots of work. But once done, this will be something that will be really useful for everyone. You won’t work alone, we will continue to work on this.

If everything goes as planned, at the end of the summer, we will be looking at a yum group with lots of medical software, and (maybe) a spin. 🙂

I am already getting mails from interested students and I am very happy about it. If you are interested in working with me, please drop me a mail at susmit at fedoraproject dot org.


Let’s stop fighting, fedora community.

18 02 2011

It’s deeply disturbing to see “us” fighting each other. There is no reason to believe people are angry for nothing. There is something that’s not going well. But, let’s stop calling each other names, which is making things nastier.

For a moment, let’s set aside all the politics, ego and tensions prevailing in the community. Let’s take a step back and let’s see this with a stupidly simple view.

Contributing to fedora is fun for only one reason, everyone who has an idea can pursue it. Right? Most of the people in fedora community are extremely talented people and many of them don’t get paid for what they are doing. Except for a lucky few, this is true for people within and outside RedHat. Still people contribute, not because they have nothing else to do, but because they love fedora and it’s another way of expressing themselves.

It’s pretty normal to get angry when one is stopped from expressing what he/she likes. I have seen the project growing, with more people, came more number of steps to ensure chaos does not happen. This slowed down all the people and ensuring exactly the thing we wanted to avoid, chaos.

Reduce the bottlenecks. I have been pushing this for long, but which have not happened so far. Whenever you make someone wait in the queue for weeks, it takes the fun away and make them angry. Try to take decisions as fast as possible.

It takes a lot to gain trust. So, people who are unknown to the community, are not trusted. If people feel that the decisions are coming from people whom they don’t know, there would be grudges, even if they are people form another FOSS community. Run every decision through the community. Not that I love long threads, I hate them, but that is the only way to keep community informed in such a huge, global and diverse community. If you can not convince majority of the community, it is not good for the project, no matter how brilliant the idea is.

Most importantly, let the community decide what they want to do. What does that exactly mean? Whenever someone is standing up and trying to do something, the default choice should be “yes” instead of “let’s review” or “this is not our policy” or “this can not be done for this reason”.

I have no idea how much this post will help in making things reasonable. I don’t think it will, but one can always try. 🙂

FAD Pune, medical spin, and time to move.

3 06 2010

I, along with my friends, attended the FAD pune held during the previous weekend. I worked on the medical spin. Identified and listed quite a few software which are necessary but unpackaged. A number of people has taken up the packaging tasks and so far it is going good. I am looking for a release during F14 cycle.

On a side note, I am moving to NA (Denver/Fort Collins to be precise) this August. I shall do my doctoral studies and research there. At the same time I shall also work as a teaching assistant. I am looking forward to a great research experience and chances are very high that you will find me in the FADs and FUDCons. 🙂

Call for Fedora 13 release events.

29 04 2010

We are pretty excited about the release that we are approaching. Thanks
goes to everyone for their brilliant efforts.

The release events have always been an integral part of our releases. Many ambassadors and contributors are already planning the parties.

As we have merely three weeks to go before the release, its time that we start working on placing things in place.

If you are planning an event, you are welcome and encouraged to do it.

To make things easier to organise, please follow these steps (there are not many steps to follow though. :))

1. Start by creating an wiki page. The wikipage should be at

2. Edit the page and at the top of the page write {{subst:ReleaseParty}} and save.

3. Now fill in the details. Information requirement is minimal. You won’t need more than five minutes.

4. Link your page from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events

If you need any budget or support for your release event, you are welcome to ask for it. Please fill in the appropriate section in your event page.

Also, we will have a meeting in the second week of May (Around 10th) to discuss issues and clarifications regarding organisation of release events. In the meanwhile, if you want to ask anything or need any clarification, please drop me a mail.

Thank you once again for your brilliant efforts.

Foss.in: Last three days.

6 12 2009

So it has been a couple of days since I last blogged. There were tweets and blogs from the others so I could afford to be lazy.

Day 3.02: This day starts after my blog 3.01. I wrote the blog and went down to have breakfast which was nice one. The only funny thing that happened was Rahul asked me to bring a piece pine-apple for him, and I could not remember what pineapple means. So he had to point to my plate and show me what it was!!! We were off to venue soon and found others to be present there already. Me and Kital started working on membership stuff and it was done in some time. Then I started manning the booth with others and also work on my workout. We worked for sometime, had lunch and went out with Kital to get some gifts for his wife. It was a nice outing and he bought a couple of nice shawls. We went to M.G. Road and had some snacks. Here we parted. I went to meet one of my friends and Kital and Heimansu went to take some snaps. Kushal suggested that we should go to RR which is a nice restaurant and we tried to find it out for twenty minutes, gave up and went to another one I knew only to find that it was RR itself. It was a nice evening and was back to hotel by 10 after asking 15 people. A day of messing up for me.

Day 4: We arrived at the venue as usually and Kushal and Sayamindu got interested in hardware.They bought two boards to play with and Kushal got a speedometer too!!! I was determined to get my workout done by this day (which didn’t happen eventually) so I spent all the time before lunch working on that. After lunch, Kital, Heimansu, Shreyank went to visit some temple. We stayed back and worked on getting the authentication module done. In the meantime, Dimitris got interested Dorrie, and started working with/advising Shreyank. Sayamindu was working on pushing out a new release of e-book reader. Kital gave me a private presentation on Fedora Security Spin for around one hour as I missed it. That is so nice of him. The time shoot past and it was evening. We attended the keynote, enjoyed some “rock” and went to the speakers party. The party was a lot fun, laughter and leg pulling and nice food and not so nice beer (they said, I didn’t drink :)).

Day 5: It was yesterday. Kushal got more interested in hardware, bought some soldering iron and other stuff and tried to make something which didn’t worked out finally (he was almost crying). I got my work almost done. (A bit polish and testing and I am ready to deploy it.) I got a new address for membership administration, talked with kital about improving overall ambassadors experience, polished the first reply draft for discouraging students form doing ambassadors stuff only, brainstormed about integrating fama, fas, and mailman so that only one sign up is required, pinged Rakesh to get mwclient packaged for EPEL. Finally, just before leaving, me, Kital and Dimitris had a chat for improving the ambassadors experience (for both people in and out of the project). Finally, wished others goodbye and Rangeen dropped me to the bus terminus. Thanks Rangeen.

Here comes some anticlimax. In the airport I met a person (whom I won’t name) who, from he word go stared lecturing me how I should think about my life and career. This was the first time we ever talked, I hope it would be the last one too.

It was a highly constructive and entertaining tour for me and fedora. The arrangement was awesome, the food was nice, the people around was talking/working on technology.

Team foss.in, thanks a lot for such a nice experience.

Foss.in. Day 3.01

3 12 2009

Here is what we plan for today:

1. Man the booth well: A usb station will be nice. I have some copied of the one page release notes.
2. Continue the workouts. (Security Spin/Dorrie/Distribution)
3. Tweet our activities on http://twitter.com/fedoraindia. You can follow it. We will also tag the tweets with #fedora #fedoraindia #fossdotin so it will be searchable.
4. Acedip from Jaipur LUG is attending, so I shall like to discuss things with him and (I am not sure Ankur is still here or not) with other LUGs.
5. Have some more coffee (I had 10-12 cups yesterday) and brainstorming.
6. Let’s see.

Will update you in the evening.

Maps reloaded.

31 10 2009

…which brings me back to the reason why we’re here. There is no escaping reason, no denying purpose, because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. It is purpose that created us. Purpose that connects us. Purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us. It is purpose that defines, purpose that binds us…

My purpose on this was some fun coding. You’re the one that has to walk through it and let me know if you want to keep it or trash it.

If you want anticlimax, refer here.