Fudcon Tempe – Day 1

30 01 2011

FUDCon Tempe is awesome so far. I have met many of the friends whom I have worked with and made a number of new friends. The day was opened by three generations of FPL and after a quick pitch, we moved to talks.

I attended Fedora on ARM, took part in Board meeting (which IMO was very short but well discussed), Cloud talks, Security and Selinux talks. The lunch was very nice and I discussed some of the packaging tidbits over lunch which will be helpful for me. Finally the day ended with a long fudpub (kind of boring, nobody got drunk!) where we chatted and played some pool and again had nice food.

Tomorrow, (well, technically today) we are going to have talks followed by hackfests. I have proposed a lightning talk and a packaging/review sprint for fedora medical. Hopefully, I will be able to sell the idea. 😉




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