26.50 USD, fedora-medical tracking bug, package reviews, and FUDCon.

1 02 2011

Day 2 at FUDCon turned out to be a productive day. I decided to go shopping for some hands which can help me with the medical spin. The lightning talk went well and was well received. As I mentioned, the main problem with this project right now is packaging and package reviews.

Someone (probably Smooge) pointed out that Tibbs has promised to do ten reviews in exchange for a t-shirt. Instantly, 26.50 USD were collected for medical spin and the t-shirt. Ian, who was administering the talks looked very confused with all the money in his hand. đŸ˜‰
Christoph added a tracking bug for fedora medical in bugzilla, which will be very helpful.

After the talk, I sat down with Christoph reviewing packages and learning tidbits of packaging. Adamwill and Tim joined us. It was an afternoon well spent. It took a long time to review things, but I learned quite a few things.

On the QA part, Adamwilll pointed out that Robatino produces the deltas for (N-1) Final -> N Final, so one need not download the whole ISO again and again, which is not easy in most of the places. This is something I was thinking for a long time, and I am happy now.

In the evening, Herlo gave me lots of Fedora Media and Case Badges, which will be very useful.

It’s a pity that I had to come back to Fort Collins today and could not attend the hackfest, but it was very nice to meet old friends and meeting all the people I have talked over IRC. Hope we will meet again.

A big thanks to FUDCon organisers, who did a fabulous job.

Lastly, I took quite a few pictures, which I shall sort and upload by tomorrow.




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